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Friday, September 8, 2017

#ivotebike2017 Results/New Bicycle Advocacy Group

The San Antonio Municipal City elections are finally over.  And this is our city council.
District 1:   Roberto C. Trevino
District 2:   William 'Cruz' Shaw
District 3:   Rebecca J. Viagran
District 4:   Rey Saldaña
District 5:   Shirley Gonzales
District 6:   Greg Brockhouse
District 7:   Ana Sandoval
District 8:   Manny Pelaez
District 9:   John Courage
District 10: Clayton Perry
Mayor:       Ron Nirenberg

After the election, I decided to take a break from this blog and just focus on hobbies and work.  Every time I tried to sit down and write this, well nothing came out.  I wondered how is a community that cannot represent itself is going to make changes in the transportation policy of San Antonio.  Sure there's the Bicycle Collective, but I hardly ever hear about them.

The most successful grass roots transportation group is the Toll Party here in San Antonio.  Their dictator, Terri Hall, is pretty much the reason why I can say for the next twenty years is that San Antonio will not have any toll roads, any HOV, any express bus lanes.  There's is no such similar person here when it comes to VIA or bicycling. She, Terri Hall managed to get Tommy Adkissons to allow her to speak for hours at the Transportation Policy Board Meetings just to get the toll roads from being built.  And Because she has no job, she can devote the entirety of her time to this cause.

On a side note, I did learn that Tommy Adkisson's Mother was anti toll road, so at least we know why Terri Hall was allowed to violate the average 3 minutes to speak. 

About 3 weeks ago, I was notified that the Bicycle Collective changed it's name to Bike San Antonio.  This is being spear headed by Janel Sterbentz, a newcomer to our city. She notice how there's no bicycle advocacy group here, so with out even realizing it, she called her group Bike San Antonio, and didn't discover until she created her page that I already had a blog called Bicycle San Antonio.  The head of the bicycle Collective, Cristian Sandoval has since handed the reigns of that group to Janel.

Janel has years of experience working for the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and the Bike East Bay (formerly East Bay Bicycle Coalition) .  She also received a degree in Urban Studies from Portland State University. 

There's a meeting for interested cyclist and potential board members set up on at the Summermoon Coffee Bar, 3233 N Saint Mary's St on Thursday, September 14 at 6 PM. Fora link to the Facebook event page, please click here:

I hope everyone who wants to make San Antonio A bicycle friendly place does attend. 

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  1. Thanks for recapping our new council. I'd like to see a more in-depth analysis of the potential of these council representatives to move the City forward in terms of bicycling and safety. I'm glad we have Janel stepping up to the plate and undertaking this huge endeavor. I really look forward to helping out.

    An edit: Janel worked for Bike East Bay (formerly East Bay Bicycle Coalition). Please update the organization's name and website link: