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Mayoral Candidate Ron Nirenberg

Candidate: Ron Nirenberg 
Position Running for: Mayor
Website: https://voteron.com/  Facebook: @Nirenberg  Twitter: @ron_nirenberg  Instagram:    @ron_nirenberg  

Bicycle Questions     

A. Will you as Mayor/Councilman implement the Bicycle Master Plan throughout the city/in your district?     
Answer: Yes     
Explanation:An updated bicycle master plan, with an emphasis on expanded network and improved cyclist safety, is an essential component to a modern, multimodal transportation plan.            

B. Will you vote to remove a bicycle lane? 
No yes or no answer was given so 'YES' was placed due to explanation.  
Explanation: If an existing bicycle lane proves to be too dangerous for cyclists and there is a funded plan to replace the link immediately, public safety requires us to consider such a change.            

C. Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bicycle lane?   
Answer:  Yes     
Explanation: I will work to gain support of respect for bicycle lanes through enforcement of parking restrictions where feasible.            

D. Will you make sure Broadway has a protected bicycle lane from Houston to Hildebrand? 
 Answer: Yes     
Explanation:  As a featured route for multimodal travel for local residents and tourists, this section of Broadway is a critical link to a functioning bicycle master plan.                

E. Will you insist on new developments to include bike infrastructure such as a bicycle lane, mix used 10ft paths, and bicycle racks?  
Answer:  Yes     
Explanation: Wherever feasible, advancing the bicycle master plan in a cost-effective way means ensuring that these features are part of new planned developments where safety and ridership can be accommodated.           

F. Will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk?     
Answer:  No     
Explanation:  Bicycling on pedestrian pathways poses avoidable dangers to both pedestrians and cyclists. We should insist on separated bicycle lanes instead.             

G. Do you support a city ordinance that prevents any further Development of park or green space lands for development of sports fields?   
No yes or no answer was given so 'No Comment' was placed due to explanation. 
Explanation:  Need more information. If sports fields are publicly owned and publicly available – and if the public supports such improvements – these improvements are important parts of healthy city.          

H. Will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway trails after dark?   
Answer:  Yes     
Explanation: I have already begun working with stakeholders to identify demand, develop a proposed pilot, and determine feasible of amending park and greenway hours. Two years ago, I launched a park safety infrastructure plan, which is now part of standard park development, to help improve public safety at any hour of use.            

VIA Questions      

I. Are you willing to look for more funding options to improve and expand VIA bus service?
Answer:  Yes     
Explanation: I fully functioning public transit system, including VIA’s bus service, is a critical part of a healthy and equitable transportation system.            

J. Will you support free bus rides for all residents of SA?     
No yes or no answer was given so 'No Comment' was given due to explanations.  
Explanation: Need more information. I worked to initiate VIA’s Ride to Vote program, and for certain events and routes, these programs can prove valuable to improving ridership and efficiency.            

K. Are you willing to bring Light Rail to a vote?     
Answer:  Yes     
Explanation:  If voter-approved, commuter rail will be an important element of a modern, multimodal transportation system in San Antonio. I have committed, on the record, to implementing this plan as mayor of San Antonio.   

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