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(I) Roberto C. Trevino

Candidate: (I) Roberto C. Trevino
Position Running for: City Council, District 1
Website: http://voterobertotrevino.com/

Bicycle Questions   

A. Will you as Mayor/Councilman implement the Bicycle Master Plan throughout the city/in your district?
Answer: Yes
Explanation:  We need more transportation options and healthy and safe ways to be active.  

B. Will you vote to remove a bicycle lane?
Answer: No
Explanation:  Unfortunately too many times bike lanes are removed because of political pressure without any thoughtful alternative

C. Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bicycle lane?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  Bike should be free and clear and treated as a safe accessible route

D. Will you make sure Broadway has a protected bicycle lane from Houston to Hildebrand?
Answer: Yes
Explanation:   We have enough room to do just that and plan on giving Broadway a road diet.

E. Will you insist on new developments to include bike infrastructure such as a bicycle lane, mix used 10ft paths, and bicycle racks?
Answer: Yes
Explanation:  This is a thriving cycling community
F. Will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: I would explore this but we must have a thoughtful discussion of equal access to all so that sidewalks are safe to elderly and disabled. 

G. Do you support a city ordinance that prevents any further Development of park or green space lands for development of sports fields?
Answer: Yes
Explanation:  I am currently trying to move a few sport fields from San Pedro Springs Park

H. Will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway trails after dark?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  We are working with Parks Police to provide safe access.

VIA Questions 

I. Are you willing to look for more funding options to improve and expand VIA bus service?
Explanation:  I voted to give VIA $10 million from our ATD fund to do just that. We are also looking more funding options

J. Will you support free bus rides for all residents of SA?
Answer:  No
Explanation:  But I do support assistance for students, elderly, military and low income populations.

K. Are you willing to bring Light Rail to a vote?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: We must have a multi modal approach to a thriving city like SA. I am confident we can communicate this and have a successful vote.

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