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D4 Rey Saldaña

Candidate:  Rey Saldaña
Position Running For:  City Council District 4
Website: None Given
Alamo Sierra Club Nomination....

Bicycle Questions

A. Will you as Mayor/Councilman implement the Bicycle Master Plan throughout the city/in your district?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: We have fallen behind and must response with mor aggressive implementation of future high trafficked bike routes

B. Will you vote to remove a bicycle lane?
Answer:  No
Explanation: I only regret two votes on the council in my six years. S Flores bike lanes was one.

C. Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bicycle lane?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: I have some experience with communicating the need for clearance with a number of my neighborhoods and hope that experience informs future education amongst the community. These are often tough conversations.

D. Will you make sure Broadway has a protected bicycle lane from Houston to Hildebrand?
Answer: Yes

E. Will you insist on new developments to include bike infrastructure such as a bicycle lane, mix used 10ft paths, and bicycle racks?
Answer Yes
Explanation: As a committed rider of bike and VIA, I've seen the difference these can make in the safety and peace of mind in my rides.

F. Will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk?
Answer: Yes

G. Do you support a city ordinance that prevents any further Development of park or green space lands for development of sports fields?
Answer: No
Explanation: I believe this can be decided on a case by case basis. I have experience converting a former landfill of green space into highly utilized publicly accessible amenities and can see cases in which sports fields make sense.

H. Will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway trails after dark?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: With added security, I feel comfortable with this concept.

VIA Questions

I. Are you willing to look for more funding options to improve and expand VIA bus service?
Answer: Yes
Explanation: I am a committed believer in improving public transit by starting with its structural problems, in this case it's funding and frequency.

J. Will you support free bus rides for all residents of SA?
Answer: No
Explanation: I think there's room for a conversation about free passes, but I believe the private and public sector should continue to incentivize ridership with their purchase of free bus passes for their employees.

K. Are you willing to bring Light Rail to a vote?
Answer: Yes

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