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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween Highlife

It's been too long since I actually wrote about the bicycle culture here in San Antonio.  Halloween or the bike rides before Halloween bring out the costumes and the fun.  The Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club Ride always brings out the most creative costumes and this year was a treat.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club Ride, it is San Antonio's version of critical mass which takes place every last Friday of the Month.

From Batman, to Dinosaurs to the usual dead people, everyone on bicycles was out to play.  Our ride took us first over the Hays Street Bridge and eventually to the HEB on Houston and New Braunfels to pick up some Beer and Gatorade.  Then from there, we rode to the Eastside Grave yards specifically the one Right next to the old Fredrick building to celebrate the holiday. 

As always, people start pealing off from the ride near Midnight and our final stop lead to what is hope to be a bicycle shop behind the Furniture Warehouse that is always going out of business at the corner of Pleasanton and S Flores. 

As a Trekker, my favorite costume was that of this lovely young lady wearing TOS Science Uniform.  She look like the perfect lady from the 23rd Century.  Although personally I feel that she is from the Crew of the USS Liberty which is a Saladin-class which disappeared in the
Pinchot Expanse somewhere near the First Federation.  You can find her tragic story here on Star Trek Outpost episode 47 and Episode  52.  Warning to the wise, don't listen to the whole thing from the beginning unless you have nothing to do.  ;)   Live long and Prosper. 
The Rest of the photos taken in order can be found below here.  Enjoy.

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