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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It's that time of year again, then the terrible ads saying how this guy is screwing us over comes over the airwaves and barrage telling us who to vote for.  But unlike elections past, I don't own a TV.  (Ahhhhh!)  And like elections past, I really don't see anybody out there supporting a more bicycle future.  We don't live in Austin, we don't live in Oregon, where the people and the people running for office are actually running on a platform of more transit, more bicycles, more pedestrians and less cars.  No, in San Antonio, it's just another useless election voting for the same people for the same policies and all of them at some level or another saying that they're against Toll Roads. 

Currently 83 miles up I-35, Austin is having their city council election right now.  Bikeaustin.org is currently asking people to pledge to vote for bicycle and Pedestrians friendly candidates.  Judging from what I've been hearing lately there, the City council regularly votes 11-0 or 10-1 on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and laws.  Meanwhile in San Antonio, S Flores is back to the speeding stroad it use to be. 

Closer to home, District 2 elections are taking place right now to fill the spot that Ivy Taylor left as she took the reigns of mayor.  I spoken to all the candidates except one (Keith Toney) and asked them all if they would have voted for the removal of the S Flores Bicycle lanes.  All of them replied back to me as, "that was dumb" to "hell no."  I didn't ask this to Keith Toney and the reason why I didn't ask him is because he currently the Council Member for district 2 voted by the city council. Because of this, I wanted to ask him if  he knew of any thing about what I heard about the city giving bicycle racks to the council members a year ago or two.  He replied back saying he knew nothing of it.  I also asked him about putting bicycle lanes down Hackberry and told him that one of the reasons why they didn't get put down was because of the Churches along the way wanted to be able to park.  I send him an image (Image 25-1) that is above of a sign allow people to park in the bicycle lane during church hours and he ask me if this was okay and replied that this was okay.  So if any of you are registered to vote in District 2, I really have  know answer for you on who to vote for here, but all we can hope for is that these candidates don't repeat history.

At the end of the ballot, you'll come across State Proposition 1, a vote to move money recently received by the oil and Gas industry fracking their way in the Eagle Ford Shale and use that revenue to build and maintain roads.  TXDOT recently held hearing on removing dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.  Because of this, it is most likely I will not be voting for this prop.  Then again if I don't vote yes, chances are, that money will be gone entirely so damn if you do, damn if  you don't.  

Personally for me, I really don't see any local candidate that would push for the necessary change of rules that need to be changed for better infrastructure, but instead just make useless plans, plans that will not be followed and just collect dust.  I really have nothing to say about who to vote for except for the governors race.  Gregg Abbott is in a wheelchair and I personally don't trust anybody in a wheelchair that opposes great sidewalks or rules like the Safe Passing Bill.  

25-1:  Somewhere on the Eastside of Austin, there's this sign allowing church goers to park in the bike lane during church hours.  If someone has the location of this sign, please tell me. 

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  1. Daniel,
    Shutting down the bike lanes on S. Flores was a huge mistake but happens when we have a city council that could care less about "We the People" and more about their own/contributors agendas. As long as we continue to vote in career politicians these sort of things will continue to happen. I enjoy reading your blog, as it educates me to what is needed in our biking community here in San Antonio, and will hopefully be able to implement some of your ideas once I become the next Mayor of San Antonio.

    - Paul Martinez