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Friday, May 19, 2017

Harassment on the Southside

Yesterday, my friend Mary (and that's not her real name) was commuting home on Nogalitos riding Southbound. While waiting for the light to turn green,  was harassed by a Hispanic male, late thirties, driving a white Dodge Ram, license plate BT4-0802. Below are her own words.
"So... I'm riding home and stop at a red light, this truck pulls up behind me honking aggressively I turn around, already knowing what he's honking about, and say "What, it's red!" while pointing to the light. He proceeds to yell at me and drive forward like he's going to hit me so I get off my bike and stand facing him, he gets out of his tuck I reach for my phone, he continues to yell at me saying I can't be on the road. As he approached me I struggled to hit record but a man in the lane next to us gets out of his and tells him to leave me alone. I don't know what everyone's problem is but the passed two months of bike commuting have been very aggressive, this is just going to far; people need to get educated or at least mind their own fucking business. And no he did not get in his vehicle when I stopped recording."

The video she posted can be found here at https://youtu.be/rSoxont5F30

This is why we were all for the S Flores bike lanes in the first place, because harassment didn't happen when they were in place.

So what can you do about this, why don't you get ahold of the local politicians of this side of town. in the links below.

And if this is happening to you, please contact me, unlike other newspapers, I'll report it and encourage my readers to call the authorities to get justice.

Mayor Ivy Taylor
210-207-7107  Mayor.IvyTaylor@sanantonio.gov

Ron Niremberg campaign comments link    https://voteron.com/ask-ron/

D3  Rebecca J. Viagran

D4 Rey Saldana 

D5 Shirley Gonzales 

I don't know who else to contact, but if you have a contact for the SA Current, The Rivard Report, and the Express News, please email me sirbikesalot06@gmail.com 

And if you have a similar harassment video on your bicycle, please email me with the video. 

I'll be updating this with links that actually work, later today. Until then, copy and paste please. 

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  1. I have a friend who was riding her bike to work one day and was hit by a woman and knocked off her bike. My friend has been a bike rider for many many years and follows the laws. I personally wouldn't want to ride a bike around SA because it's dangerous. People don't look for bicyclists or pedestrians while driving. I think we need to make our city more bike and pedestrian friendly to encourage more cycling and the use of public transportation. It is healthier and better for the environment, just to name a couple of reasons.