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Monday, February 15, 2016

My 1st Podcast

As this New Year started, I noticed that my passion has been doused with cold water and is currently not as fully alive as it once was.  It's been a month since I went to both meetings and I come back that it seems that the plan of SA2020 and SA Tomorrow 2040 really feel all talk and no action.  Meanwhile, the people who sit on the BMAC are currently trying to get San Antonio to the goal of #VisionZero.
 Now Normally I would be writing an entire blog on what happen, but not this time, today, you'll have to hear about what happened.  This is my first attempt at podcasting, so please give me a pass, it was recorded while I was at work.

Now in the podcast, I will be mentioning about the TIP, also known as the Transportation Improvement Program. And there will be several meetings taking place soon, so it's important that you get to at least one of these meetings and send in comments.  As you go through the list of projects (download spreadsheet here) make sure you tell them that no protected bicycle lane, then no project.  The projects that I recommend are the following.

Project #29:  
Loop 368 (Broadway) Complete Street (Reduces Road Capacity)
A TxDOT project from US 281 Interchange to Mulberry.  Construct separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities  between US 281 and Cunningham and intersection improvements between Cunningham and Mulberry.

Project #41:
MyLink Pedestrian Connectivity/ Safety
A VIA project on the various State roadway system around San Antonio. Construct curb ramps, landing pads, sidewalks and other pedestrian infrastructure and construct improvements to North Star Transit Center intersection for improved transit access.

Project #10:
Citywide San Antonio Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements
A City of San Antonio Project to Construct citywide pedestrian and bicycle projects to enhance safety  (Z-crossings, medians, surface, signage)

Podcast Notes:  
The SA2020 meeting I attended. 
Realizing the Dream of a World-Class City: Driving Action in San Antonio
Andres Andujar, Hemisfair,
Molly Cox, SA2020,
Sandy Morander, YMCA,
Sho Nakpodia, DreamWCeek San Antonio,
Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio City Council – District 8.
Moderated by Robert Rivard of The Rivard Report.

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What VIA could do to cut down on Jaywalking.  Link of picture

Couldn't find the News story of the guy or Lady who chased a VIA bus and got killed.  If you do have a link, please share it with me. 

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