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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Year later, no changes

Last Year as I started this blog, I wrote about how two accidents that didn't need to happen.  One was Jose Carlos Macy who died across from the HEB on W Commerce and Calaveras and another Chase White on Broadway right before Hildebrand.  One year late nothing has changed, these  stroads are still terrible places to ride your bicycle.

Jose Carlos Macy was riding home along the 5ft bicycle lane on W Commerce St when two people decided to turn W Commerce into a race way.  People are unaware that when they're driving, the size of the lane that they're traveling in will either encourage or discourage speeding and the wider the lane, the more accidents are likely to happen.  W commerce St has two 12 ft lanes and only 5ft for a bicycle lane on the left hand side while the right hand side is 9ft wide.(Image 42-1)  When I'm going down this stroad, I am always riding in the right shoulder because you have 9ft to use.  There's rarely parked cars and for the most part, I don't have an issue with VIA buses stopping at the bus stops. 

Now about two years ago, I complained about this very issue to the BMAC at one of their bike nights and I recommended that they keep the current design but move the bicycle lane over to the right side of the stroad.  I spoke about this before this tragedy took place.  Well they recently repainted both Buena Vista W Commerce St and you guessed it, they kept the same dangerous design. Just another example that the city don't really care for you riding your bicycle unless it's for recreation.

Here's my suggestion on what they should do to both Buena Vista and W Commerce St.(Image 42-2) But they won't because cars would have to stop behind a VIA bus we can't have a car be slowed down.


Ben White was riding home northbound on Broadway when a guy in an oversize pickup truck struck him and drove away.  Since then, the Construction has ended and what they left behind was 12ft travel lanes and no bicycle lanes.  Ben White was lucky, he's still alive and there's talk about improving Broadway, but don't count your blessings for if the history of the city's action are any indications, they'll keep the oversize stroad, in favor of my common sense suggestion that I publish back in August 2014.(Image 42-3, 42-4) Worse yet, there's talk about removing the protected bicycle lane behind Sams Burger Joint to put in parking.  Again, these actions goes to show that an unoccupied vehicle is more important than providing a safe place to ride. If this action is not with the saying Keep San Antonio Lame, I don't know what is.  



Now I've been talking about to people who got into car crashes while on their bicycles.  Many told me how SAPD virtually does nothing to catch the terrible driver and don't expect the hammer to come to your rescue.  I've been told by those on bicycles who got hit by cars end up being told by such law firms that their cases aren't worth it.  Even worse, a slap on the wrist is pretty much what the perpetrator gets for injuring or even committing involuntary manslaughter. 

The latest victim is a cyclist that was hit last month at the corner of Fredricksburg Rd and N Flores.  The driver ran a red light and hit her and simply drove off.  So far as I understand it, they haven't even caught the guy who thought it was more important to get to where he was going fast than a value of a person life.  Her name is Devona, and she could use your assistance.  Her family has set up a go fund me site to help pay for her medical bills.   They are still pretty short of their $4000 goal so please donate a dollar. 

As my new job keeps me away from San Antonio and time from writing this blog, I'm going to slow down a bit and keep a post at least once a month and at irregular periods.  My goal is still the same, and I hope that you keep doing what you can do to make San Antonio a better place to ride a bicycle and to Keep San Antonio Real. 

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