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Saturday, May 16, 2015

SA Voted to Remove Bike Lanes

After seeing the results of the city election, I couldn't help but notice that those who voted to remove the S Flores bike lanes last year, won the election.  Apparently the only people who vote in San Antonio are old, stuck in cars, and complaining that you are taking up the entire lane while your on your bicycle.  What surprised me the most that Ivy Taylor won enough votes to make it to a run off with Leticia Van De Putt.  So for the next two years, expect no new bicycle lanes unless they serve a useless purpose and more useless Sharrows, (Image 41-1) kiss Uber and Lyft goodbye, and most of all, expect these same politicians to complain about the same transportation issues which is traffic congestion and why can't San Antonio have light rail.

There were also propositions on the ballot as well concerning the buying of property over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the continue expansion of the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail system, both of which passed.  So when they build the expanded trails by your house, you can get a ticket for cycling after hours because it is the safest way to get to work by bicycle after dark.  

Charter Amendments were also voted on including the most famous one, Charter Amendment 1, which required any future light rail system or Streetcar.  I was told by several people from VIA that my story on the Future of Rail in San Antonio was utterly wrong.  After this vote, I will reiterate the fact that my view is the most likely thing we'll ever see of passenger rail transit in San Antonio because the only people who would vote for light rail in San Antonio are the people who live right next to the proposed line just like what happened in Austin.

Another Charter Amendment that was also passed was to provide a salary to the Mayor and City council.  Now your probably thinking that I'm against this and that is farther from the truth.  I might not like who got elected, but I still believe they deserve a paycheck.  All large cities have it, there's no reason why we shouldn't keep paying our officials the same amount that we give for serving on a jury.  That's just not right.

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