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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cyclist In Suits, San Antonio Needs you to attend / What's Happening....

Every two years here in Texas, the State Legislature holds it's session.  And every two years, BikeTexas ask people from all over Texas to come to Austin and lobby for a better bicycling state.

Back in 2009, I was a member of this group that went to Austin and we convince all the state Legislators to pass the "Safe Passing Bill" which the governor, Perry, the same one celebrating a rail connection to DFW, veto it.  Now you might say, hey we lost, but did we.  Today That Same law is now a City Ordinance not just here in San Antonio but also in New Braunfels and several other communities all across the state. 

Today, I am asking all of my readers here in San Antonio to take time out on March 30th and go to Austin wearing your best Sunday clothing and go knock on the door of our local State Senators and Congress people. Your presence with BikeTexas at the State Capital will send a message that we want a better bicycling State, and a better bicycling San Antonio. 

Two weeks to go until we speak up for people who ride bikes!
Group photo from Cyclists in Suits 2013
Cyclists in Suits - Texas' Bike Lobby Day
Join us in Austin on March 30
The time is almost here-- register now to attend Cyclists in Suits-- Texas' Bike Lobby Day! On March 30, people from around the state who ride bikes will flood the Capitol to visit every legislative office. 

Already registered? Great! We can't wait to see you in Austin. In the meantime, spread the word to all your friends who ride bikes!

The day in Austin begins with a briefing from BikeTexas staff about current bills in the legislature related to bicycling. We review materials that ask for support for specific legislation, then break into teams and head out to visit every office. With your help, your elected officials will know that there is a powerful bike lobby in Texas.

We'll have lunch in the Capitol Grill (please anticipate about $10 for lunch) during our lobbying time and take a picture on the Capitol steps before heading back to the BikeTexas office for a celebratory happy hour. Don't miss out! Register now.

Buses will be available from many cities on Cyclists in Suits day--indicate your interest on the registration form. We may also be able to line up Austin home stays for those coming from places that are farther away than is pleasant to drive in one day.

There is no cost to attend Cyclists in Suits, thanks to generous support from Richardson Bike Mart, Bicycles Inc, and Hans Johnson Company. (There may be a fee for transportation to/from Austin.)

We can't wait to see you in Austin on March 30! Register now to attend Cyclists in Suits and be sure to share this email with all your friends who ride bikes! Learn more here.

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