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Mayoral Candidate Keven Roles

Candidate: Keven Roles
Position Running for: Mayor
Website:  http://www.kevenrolesformayorsa.com/    Facebook:  @kevenrolesformayorsa  Twitter:  @KevenformayorSA

Bicycle Questions

A. Will you as Mayor/Councilman implement the Bicycle Master Plan throughout the city/in your district?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  As a fellow cyclist, cycling coach, and triathlon coach, adding a feasible bicycle plan with bicycle lanes throughout the city is one of my first priorities regarding transportation.  Saturating the city with bike lanes and a plan that keeps everyone safe is paramount.  The other major transportation fix needed is making the VIA bus system more user friendly to where citizens use it as a primary mode of transportation due to choice rather than need alone, which is a majority of the cases now.

B. Will you vote to remove a bicycle lane?
Answer:  NO
Explanation: We must have adequate bike lanes to provide a variety of safe transportation modes.

C. Will you make it illegal to park a car in the bicycle lane? 
Answer:  Yes 
Explanation: Bike lanes are just that, bike lanes.  One of my pet peeves is when I am cycling down a bike lane and have to venture out into traffic which of course makes if more unsafe that being able to travel down the bicycle lane.

D. Will you make sure Broadway has a protected bicycle lane from Houston to Hildebrand?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  This is paramount is providing adequate travel in and out of downtown.  The Broadway ride through downtown is a route I am familiar with.

E. Will you insist on new developments to include bike infrastructure such as a bicycle lane, mix used 10ft paths, and bicycle racks?
Answer:  Yes  
Explanation:  Again, this is part of the master transportation plan so new developments should allow for bicycle lanes and being bicycle friendly as this is a primary mode of transportation for some citizens.

F. Will you amend Sec. 19-286. Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited, so people can ride their bicycles on the sidewalk? 
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  I will remove such city ordinances.  In fact, I am guilty of riding my mountain bike on the sidewalk to get to the Leon Creek Greenway because there is no safe way to ride in the lane of traffic (Guilbeau Rd.).

G. Do you support a city ordinance that prevents any further Development of park or green space lands for development of sports fields?
Answer:  Yes  
Explanation:  We must prevent any further development of our park and green space for recreational fields.  Additional non-park/green space land should be acquired to build sports or recreational complexes.  The more development of green space that takes place, the more wildlife is displaced and green space will eventually not be green space any longer.  This is something I am very serious about protecting.

H. Will you either amend or repeal Sec. 22-28. Public parks hours of operation and curfew, so people can use the Howard W. Peak Greenway trails after dark?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation: I know of people that use the greenway after dark for recreation as well as commuting to and from work.  I am for lifting the city ordinance in all areas in which it can be done legally.  I know some access areas at neighborhoods might not be able to have twenty-four hour access due to restrictions of deals made with the city.  Also, we must look at an environmental study of the impact of having activity in a natural area day and night.  Adding lighting is one way in which the environment could be impacted for the wildlife so all aspects of this would need to be considered but I am all for it if it makes legal and environmental sense.

VIA Questions

I. Are you willing to look for more funding options to improve and expand VIA bus service?
Answer:  Yes
Explanation:  Our VIA bus system is not meant for the consumer in mind.  I rode the VIA bus around town and talked with people who told me the positives and negatives of the bus system.  We need to make this a reliable way of our transportation model so that people will choose to ride public transportation and not just have the service used mainly by people who have to ride the bus.  Making our bus system successful is necessary to be able to provide free ridership or even consider adding light rail in the future.

J. Will you support free bus rides for all residents of SA?
Answer:  Yes 
Explanation:  Part of the transportation system overall would be to find ways to fund VIA so that some type of free ridership program can be started and expanded upon over time.

K. Are you willing to bring Light Rail to a vote?
Answer:  No

Explanation:  I am only willing to bring light rail to a vote once we have our current transportation system tuned up.  Light rail is meant to take over bus routes that are over loaded with riders.  Dallas is a great example of what happens when you add light rail and all other types of transportation types without phases.  Dallas taxpayers are on the line for $17 billion and counting of debt from their light rail.  That is a lot of free bus rides and bike lanes.

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